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The Gift of Sustaining Grace

No one complained about the parting of the Red Sea. Everyone loves delivering grace. But we aren’t satisfied with sustaining grace. Yet that is the grace that tethers us to God.

The Necessity of Lament

It’s okay to lament. It’s biblical. God wants us to pour out our hearts to him honestly, without pretense or platitudes, acknowledging both our joys and sorrows…so we can be comforted.

Is My Suffering Meaningless?

While it sounds cruel to say that God willed my infant son’s death, believing my son died against God’s will is far worse. I am thankful that God is in all my suffering and it all has purpose…

When the Pain Never Ends…

George Matheson, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, and Joni Eareckson Tada have all shown me that trials, gifts wrapped in black, can be the greatest gifts God gives us.

When Disappointment Comes…

I received disappointing news the other day. My first reaction was self-pity and frustration, but then I was reminded that nothing will happen that is not for my good and God’s glory.

Job and the Prosperity Gospel

Job has taught me about the value of God and the dangers of the prosperity gospel. At the heart of the PG is our value. At the heart of Job, and all of Scripture, is God’s value.

Can Heaven Outweigh our Suffering?

When I remember that God’s blood-bought promise for those who trust in the Gospel is that they will live happily ever after in heaven, my perspective changes.

Sunshine after the Rain

I married an amazing man two weeks ago who is teaching me to dance in the sunshine. While I love this phase of life, I know that learning to dance in the rain is an equally precious blessing…

How Can Unfulfilled Longings Be a Blessing?

I have many unfulfilled longings—things in my life I wish were different. I have begged God to change them, but the relentless ache that remains does the deepest work in my soul.

Hidden Treasures in Dark Places

Why did Jesus not go to Lazarus when he was sick? And why does He not rescue me when I need Him the most? Does He not care? How could waiting have been loving?

Mary Did You Know?

At the cross, Mary may have wondered, “What happened to the promises of God? How could they end this way?” And yet the pain she endured was for a plan greater than her wildest dreams…

Thanksgiving with a Twist

This Thanksgiving story reminds me that the things I’m most grateful for are often borne from the thorns in my life, that have made me more dependent on Jesus.

What’s the Point of Suffering in Obscurity?

I am tempted to think that my response to private suffering doesn’t matter. But my response to suffering always matters; an unseen watching world is always looking on from the heavenlies.

Celebrating Joni’s 65th birthday- A Radiant Life in a Dark World

Joni demonstrates what God can do in a life yielded to Him as she points to a magnificent God who is beyond compare, who can elicit genuine praise in the midst of deep suffering

I’d Rather Take Care of it Myself…

I don’t like being dependent on others to meet my needs. I’d rather do it myself. And yet this forced reliance on God has proven to be an incalculable blessing.