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How in the World Do I Savor Life?

I am learning to savor my life, my days, my moments, and appreciate all the Lord has given me. God wants me to delight in Him and slow down enough to enjoy His presence as well as His gifts.

When There’s Too Much to Do

Every year I choose a word to symbolize the year. This year I chose savor as I see how rushed I have been, always feeling there is too much to do, never enjoying the present moment.

Where is God when I’m NOT Suffering

We can see God more clearly in the dark since our attention is riveted on His life-giving light, but we can still grow close to the Lord in times of prosperity if I remember this principle…

Why Is God Whispering?

It’s easy to hear God’s voice when I’m suffering. But on ordinary days, I need to be listening attentively for His voice so that I can hear Him whisper to me.

But I Can’t Feed 4000 People…

God doesn’t only bless our work if we pray or have a quiet time. My time with God is not a favor I do for Him, hoping to get something in exchange. But if I skip it, I miss out on hearing His voice.

Talking Myself through Suffering

With post-polio, my strength is deteriorating rapidly. In my pain, I need to remind myself of seven things that put my trials in perspective…

Is Discerning God’s Will as simple as a Green Light?

To truly hear God’s voice, I need to be willing to accept whatever He says. And that requires that I listening closely…