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Learning the Unforced Rhythms of Grace

Jesus doesn’t just offer rest. He shows us how to do it. As we walk with Him and watch what He did, we will discover the secret of true rest.

Good Friday: Consolation from the Cross

Good Friday has even become more precious this year as I have seen new facets of the cross to be thankful for and have fallen even more in love with Jesus.

Grace Always Heals Deeper

Most of us would prefer healing to grace. It’s tangible. Visible. A cause for celebration. Our needs are met. What healing can grace offer us in comparison?

An Unlikely Word for 2016

My word for 2016 is challenging all of my thoughts and actions. Rather than something I think about occasionally, it must change my very fiber to become a reality in my life.

When Everyone is Irritating You…

I was mentally jotting down people who had been irritating me. It was everyone I knew. But then I picked up the Bible and was convicted of my own actions and attitudes…

Perfecting Parenting

Perfecting parenting is not about learning to be the perfect parent. Perfecting parenting is about trusting Christ who is using parenting to perfect me.

It’s NOT my Fault

When I found a ring that I thought someone had stolen, God convicted me about the way I blame others for my mistakes. When things go wrong, I rarely think that it’s my fault…

Easter is Coming

On Palm Sunday I felt guilty that I had not taken much time to reflect on Easter. But then I realized Easter is not about my effort but about God’s unequivocal triumph.

But I Can’t Feed 4000 People…

God doesn’t only bless our work if we pray or have a quiet time. My time with God is not a favor I do for Him, hoping to get something in exchange. But if I skip it, I miss out on hearing His voice.

Really? Grace…for them?

When well-meaning friends have said insensitive things to me when I’m suffering, I’ve been tempted to get angry or even walk away from the relationship. But here’s what I’ve learned…

Anger is Contagious

In most arguments, I am more concerned about being heard and understood than I am about hearing or understanding. Making my point is the most important thing because I think I’m always right….

The Best Way to Discourage a Suffering Friend

It’s so easy to discourage our friends who are suffering, by comparing them to others, minimizing their struggles, offering unasked for advice. Here’s what NOT to do…

Grudging Obedience and Extravagant Grace

I had been consumed with anger and bitterness towards someone who hurt me deeply and irrevocably. But as I forgave her, I was amazed at the freedom and joy it gave me.

But I Don’t Want to Forgive…

Forgiveness is hard. It often feels like death. But in the end it is more than worth it, as God unleashes His power in us in an unparalleled way.

Do I Value Sustaining Grace

No one complained about the parting of the Red Sea. Everyone loves delivering grace. But no one is satisfied with manna, God’s sustaining grace. Yet that is the grace that tethers us to God.