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Nothing is Beyond Redemption

I pull into the driveway, and I’m undone at seeing my camellia bush. This resurrected shrub has weathered many storms and has taught that God is always working, especially when I can’t see it.

Perfecting Parenting

Perfecting parenting is not about learning to be the perfect parent. Perfecting parenting is about trusting Christ who is using parenting to perfect me.

Is God Really There?

I came to Christ after praying, “God, if you are real, please show me.” When we ask Him sincerely, He answers us in the most extraordinary ways…

It’s NOT my Fault

When I found a ring that I thought someone had stolen, God convicted me about the way I blame others for my mistakes. When things go wrong, I rarely think that it’s my fault…

How in the World Do I Savor Life?

I am learning to savor my life, my days, my moments, and appreciate all the Lord has given me. God wants me to delight in Him and slow down enough to enjoy His presence as well as His gifts.

When There’s Too Much to Do

Every year I choose a word to symbolize the year. This year I chose savor as I see how rushed I have been, always feeling there is too much to do, never enjoying the present moment.

Thanksgiving with a Twist

This Thanksgiving story reminds me that the things I’m most grateful for are often borne from the thorns in my life, that have made me more dependent on Jesus.

Where is God when I’m NOT Suffering

We can see God more clearly in the dark since our attention is riveted on His life-giving light, but we can still grow close to the Lord in times of prosperity if I remember this principle…

Upside Down Success

Shaun Groves says of downward mobility: “From more to less. Served to service. From honor to degradation. From eternal to time-bound. God to flesh. Heaven to earth.” So what is success?

Really? Grace…for them?

When well-meaning friends have said insensitive things to me when I’m suffering, I’ve been tempted to get angry or even walk away from the relationship. But here’s what I’ve learned…

Laughter is Serious Business

I love laughing – it has gotten me through some of the hardest times in my life. Here are a few things that I have done to increase the amount of humor in my life…

Anger is Contagious

In most arguments, I am more concerned about being heard and understood than I am about hearing or understanding. Making my point is the most important thing because I think I’m always right….

Transitions, Wilderness Treks and other Uncomfortable Activities

Transitions in life are challenging as we leave the familiar to go out into the unknown. But understanding one profound principle has helped me navigate all my transitions…

What Am I Waiting For?

I’ve never liked to wait but it’s in the waiting that I often see God most clearly and stumble on unexpected beauty when I’m willing to slow down and look for it.

Grudging Obedience and Extravagant Grace

I had been consumed with anger and bitterness towards someone who hurt me deeply and irrevocably. But as I forgave her, I was amazed at the freedom and joy it gave me.