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Upside Down Success

Shaun Groves says of downward mobility: “From more to less. Served to service. From honor to degradation. From eternal to time-bound. God to flesh. Heaven to earth.” So what is success?

Really? Grace…for them?

When well-meaning friends have said insensitive things to me when I’m suffering, I’ve been tempted to get angry or even walk away from the relationship. But here’s what I’ve learned…

Laughter is Serious Business

I love laughing – it has gotten me through some of the hardest times in my life. Here are a few things that I have done to increase the amount of humor in my life…

Anger is Contagious

In most arguments, I am more concerned about being heard and understood than I am about hearing or understanding. Making my point is the most important thing because I think I’m always right….

Transitions, Wilderness Treks and other Uncomfortable Activities

Transitions in life are challenging as we leave the familiar to go out into the unknown. But understanding one profound principle has helped me navigate all my transitions…

What Am I Waiting For?

I’ve never liked to wait but it’s in the waiting that I often see God most clearly and stumble on unexpected beauty when I’m willing to slow down and look for it.

Grudging Obedience and Extravagant Grace

I had been consumed with anger and bitterness towards someone who hurt me deeply and irrevocably. But as I forgave her, I was amazed at the freedom and joy it gave me.

Life Lessons from my Dog…

My dog Mocha is adorable but high maintenance. He’s taught me a lot about myself, my parenting deficiencies, and how to face my fears, in a backwards way.

But I Don’t Want to Forgive…

Forgiveness is hard. It often feels like death. But in the end it is more than worth it, as God unleashes His power in us in an unparalleled way.

Me? Change The World? (maybe not today)

I was on a panel for my former MBA program. As the underachiever of the group, I decided to let my mind wander during the discussion…a big mistake.

What if I throw a party and no one comes?

I like numbers. But numbers and social media can become an all-consuming trap that falsely defines our value and blurs our focus…

Is Discerning God’s Will as simple as a Green Light?

To truly hear God’s voice, I need to be willing to accept whatever He says. And that requires that I listening closely…

When a jackhammer won’t wake your daughter

My daughter cannot wake up in the morning, even with an alarm clock as loud as a jackhammer. It’s hard to awaken her, but I persist in trying to get her up, just as God persists with me.

A Word for the New Year

Every January, I select a word to symbolize the new year. I consider both where I am lacking and where God is stretching me. This year I chose a word that reflects what I want to become…

Why am I so ungrateful at Christmas?

Nothing highlights my need for gratitude more than Christmas. While I point out other’s lack of gratitude, I disregard my own ingratitude for the people themselves, which is far worse…