Yearly Archives: 2015

Can Heaven Outweigh our Suffering?

When I remember that God’s blood-bought promise for those who trust in the Gospel is that they will live happily ever after in heaven, my perspective changes.

It’s NOT my Fault

When I found a ring that I thought someone had stolen, God convicted me about the way I blame others for my mistakes. When things go wrong, I rarely think that it’s my fault…

What’s the Point of Silence?

I used to see silence as empty unproductive time, but I have found that sitting alone with Jesus has been the single most transformative thing I have done to grow spiritually.

Easter is Coming

On Palm Sunday I felt guilty that I had not taken much time to reflect on Easter. But then I realized Easter is not about my effort but about God’s unequivocal triumph.

Sunshine after the Rain

I married an amazing man two weeks ago who is teaching me to dance in the sunshine. While I love this phase of life, I know that learning to dance in the rain is an equally precious blessing…

How Can Unfulfilled Longings Be a Blessing?

I have many unfulfilled longings—things in my life I wish were different. I have begged God to change them, but the relentless ache that remains does the deepest work in my soul.

Hidden Treasures in Dark Places

Why did Jesus not go to Lazarus when he was sick? And why does He not rescue me when I need Him the most? Does He not care? How could waiting have been loving?

How in the World Do I Savor Life?

I am learning to savor my life, my days, my moments, and appreciate all the Lord has given me. God wants me to delight in Him and slow down enough to enjoy His presence as well as His gifts.

When There’s Too Much to Do

Every year I choose a word to symbolize the year. This year I chose savor as I see how rushed I have been, always feeling there is too much to do, never enjoying the present moment.