Yearly Archives: 2015

A Way in a Manger

The manger highlights the way God uses our deepest pain, our humiliation, the things we wish were different, to bring Him the greatest glory. God’s kingdom is upside down.

The Lens of Thanksgiving

The first thanksgiving was an act of faith. The Pilgrims’ thanks was not based on pleasant circumstances but rather believing that God should be thanked in prosperity and adversity.

What are you trusting in?

What are your idols? What do you turn to besides God to fulfill you? I turn to approval. And the more I want people’s approval, the less concerned I am with God’s approval…

When Your Prayer Requests Feel Too Personal

We all have griefs that don’t wear black. Struggles that will not end up on the prayer chain. But we can share these griefs with a trusted few who can pray with us and point us to God.

When Everyone is Irritating You…

I was mentally jotting down people who had been irritating me. It was everyone I knew. But then I picked up the Bible and was convicted of my own actions and attitudes…

Nothing is Beyond Redemption

I pull into the driveway, and I’m undone at seeing my camellia bush. This resurrected shrub has weathered many storms and has taught that God is always working, especially when I can’t see it.

When You Struggle To Believe God Loves You

It’s hard to believe God loves us in the midst of relentless trials. And yet God shows us His unfailing love as He does his deepest work in the fiercest storms…

The Gift of Sustaining Grace

No one complained about the parting of the Red Sea. Everyone loves delivering grace. But we aren’t satisfied with sustaining grace. Yet that is the grace that tethers us to God.

The Necessity of Lament

It’s okay to lament. It’s biblical. God wants us to pour out our hearts to him honestly, without pretense or platitudes, acknowledging both our joys and sorrows…so we can be comforted.

Is My Suffering Meaningless?

While it sounds cruel to say that God willed my infant son’s death, believing my son died against God’s will is far worse. I am thankful that God is in all my suffering and it all has purpose…

Perfecting Parenting

Perfecting parenting is not about learning to be the perfect parent. Perfecting parenting is about trusting Christ who is using parenting to perfect me.

When the Pain Never Ends…

George Matheson, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, and Joni Eareckson Tada have all shown me that trials, gifts wrapped in black, can be the greatest gifts God gives us.

Is God Really There?

I came to Christ after praying, “God, if you are real, please show me.” When we ask Him sincerely, He answers us in the most extraordinary ways…

When Disappointment Comes…

I received disappointing news the other day. My first reaction was self-pity and frustration, but then I was reminded that nothing will happen that is not for my good and God’s glory.

Job and the Prosperity Gospel

Job has taught me about the value of God and the dangers of the prosperity gospel. At the heart of the PG is our value. At the heart of Job, and all of Scripture, is God’s value.