Monthly Archives: January 2014

Is Discerning God’s Will as simple as a Green Light?

To truly hear God’s voice, I need to be willing to accept whatever He says. And that requires that I listening closely…

Do I Value Sustaining Grace

No one complained about the parting of the Red Sea. Everyone loves delivering grace. But no one is satisfied with manna, God’s sustaining grace. Yet that is the grace that tethers us to God.

When a jackhammer won’t wake your daughter

My daughter cannot wake up in the morning, even with an alarm clock as loud as a jackhammer. It’s hard to awaken her, but I persist in trying to get her up, just as God persists with me.

Finding Joy in the midst of Suffering

I am convinced that our capacity for God, and for true joy, is carved out of our suffering. It is out of that chasm, that emptiness, that God alone can fill us. With Himself. With His joy…

A Word for the New Year

Every January, I select a word to symbolize the new year. I consider both where I am lacking and where God is stretching me. This year I chose a word that reflects what I want to become…