Yearly Archives: 2014

Mary Did You Know?

At the cross, Mary may have wondered, “What happened to the promises of God? How could they end this way?” And yet the pain she endured was for a plan greater than her wildest dreams…

Thanksgiving with a Twist

This Thanksgiving story reminds me that the things I’m most grateful for are often borne from the thorns in my life, that have made me more dependent on Jesus.

Where is God when I’m NOT Suffering

We can see God more clearly in the dark since our attention is riveted on His life-giving light, but we can still grow close to the Lord in times of prosperity if I remember this principle…

What’s the Point of Suffering in Obscurity?

I am tempted to think that my response to private suffering doesn’t matter. But my response to suffering always matters; an unseen watching world is always looking on from the heavenlies.

Celebrating Joni’s 65th birthday- A Radiant Life in a Dark World

Joni demonstrates what God can do in a life yielded to Him as she points to a magnificent God who is beyond compare, who can elicit genuine praise in the midst of deep suffering

Upside Down Success

Shaun Groves says of downward mobility: “From more to less. Served to service. From honor to degradation. From eternal to time-bound. God to flesh. Heaven to earth.” So what is success?

Why Is God Whispering?

It’s easy to hear God’s voice when I’m suffering. But on ordinary days, I need to be listening attentively for His voice so that I can hear Him whisper to me.

I’d Rather Take Care of it Myself…

I don’t like being dependent on others to meet my needs. I’d rather do it myself. And yet this forced reliance on God has proven to be an incalculable blessing.

Trust God. Tell Your Story.

I was shocked when my talk resonated with a group of high school boys. It reminded me that I need to trust God and tell my story because the most unlikely people need to hear it.

Begging God

I have begged God so many times for deliverance and was denied. But I found that it was in the denial of those very things that I had begged for, that brought me closest to Him.

What if the Worst Happens?

Replacing “what if” with “even if” is one of the most liberating exchanges I have ever made. I’ve seen that even if the worst happens, God will carry me.

But I Can’t Feed 4000 People…

God doesn’t only bless our work if we pray or have a quiet time. My time with God is not a favor I do for Him, hoping to get something in exchange. But if I skip it, I miss out on hearing His voice.

Where is God in the Dark?

Our lowest emotional points bring our most significant growth, our greatest dependence on God and our platform for ministry. It is in these low points that God does His deepest work in us…

Really? Grace…for them?

When well-meaning friends have said insensitive things to me when I’m suffering, I’ve been tempted to get angry or even walk away from the relationship. But here’s what I’ve learned…

Laughter is Serious Business

I love laughing – it has gotten me through some of the hardest times in my life. Here are a few things that I have done to increase the amount of humor in my life…