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Are There Healing Words for 2018?

A friend recently announced that she’d discovered the most powerful words to end relationship conflict. I was admittedly skeptical. But after trying them, I decided to make them my words for 2018. Try them yourself- you might agree with

The Promise of Christmas: God with us

At Christmas I feel an ache that I can hardly put into words. My heart is longing to experience, and not just know intellectually, the truth of God with us. Share this:TweetEmail

A Christian Perspective on Depression

Depression almost withers joy. Those who suffer with it often endure silently, feeling shame and condemnation. Given that, how should Christians approach it? Share this:TweetEmail

Is Gratitude that Important at Thanksgiving?

Why should we care about gratitude? Does it even make a difference if we are grateful or not? What should we do if we find nothing to be grateful for? Share this:TweetEmail

What are You Thankful For?

As I consider what I am thankful for, adversity is not on the list. But looking at the life of Solomon, adversity may have been the one blessing he needed… Share this:TweetEmail

You Are Not Missing Out

One of Satan’s lies is: “You are missing out. Your life could be better.” Satan told Eve that lie in the garden & he has been whispering it to us since then Share this:TweetEmail

When God Writes Your Story in a Way You Didn’t Want…

When each day feels like an insurmountable struggle, and the present is all-consuming, it’s hard to imagine anything good can come out of my story. Share this:TweetEmail